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Jeremy Corwin
Medical Physicist, MHP, DABHP

Jeremy Corwin, President of Corwin Health Physics, has a Masters degree in Radiation Health Physics and is board certified by the American Board of Health Physicists. Jeremy is recognized as a qualified medical physicist by several states, the American College of Radiology, and the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. He provides services in all areas of medical physics, with a focus on MRI, CT, mammography, and ultrasound accreditations.
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Jon Carter
Medical Physicist, ME, DABR

Jon Carter has a Masters degree in Radiological Physics from the University of Virginia. He is certified by the American Board of Radiology in Diagnostic Radiological Physics (1994) and Medical Nuclear Physics (1998) and is qualified to preform imaging evaluations in Diagnostic Imaging as well as Nuclear Medicine and PET. He is also qualified to perform MQSA mammography physics evaluations. His particular area of interest is Nuclear Medicine, PET and dosimetry.

Joseph (Joby) Voetberg
Medical Physicist, MHP, DABR

Joby has worked with Corwin Health Physics since 2005. He completed his Masters in Radiation Health Physics with Oregon State University in 2010 and received this board certification from the American College of Radiology in 2015. Joby is recognized by the American College of Radiology as a qualified medical physicist for MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and CT accreditation. He is approved as a qualified medical physicist in several states to perform MQSA Mammography physics surveys. Joby also provides x-ray physics services and radiation shielding designs.

Kyle Saari
Medical Physicist, MS

Kyle has a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Washington State University. He is experienced with mammography, x-ray, ultrasound, and CT physics evaluations. He also assists with MRI system evaluations and shielding designs.

Brandon Holman
Physics Associate, BA

Brandon started with Corwin Health Physics in 2010 and specializes in providing x-ray physics services. He has completed RSO training, and is qualified to perform quarterly NRC and DOH audits for nuclear medicine departments. Brandon also assists with surveys for MRI, CT, and Mammography equipment. Brandon is currently completing his graduate degree at Oregon State University.

Megan Eastman
Business Manager, BA

Megan joined the business in 2016 and currently manages the company’s billing, scheduling, and administrative duties. Megan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Washington University.

Maureen McMillin
Office Manager

Maureen joined Corwin Health Physics in April 2017. Maureen is in process of completing her BS degree in Business Administration. She manages customer service requests, shielding design projects, and assists with billing, job coordination, and scheduling.

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