Radiation Safety Consulting - Corwin Health Physics

The need for additional medical physics consulting services has increased as the radiation safety programs at medical facilities begin to encompass more than just management of radioactive materials and include patient radiation protection for diagnostic and interventional procedures. As the medical physics provider for all your imaging modalities, Corwin Health Physics can offer comprehensive radiation consulting services at your facility. In addition to the typical nuclear medicine radiation safety consulting to ensure license compliance, Corwin Health Physics can also assist your facility as you implement Joint Commission and Image Gently/Wisely recommendations on management of radiation exposures for all modalities. Additional services available include the implementation of processes to ensure compliance with recent Joint Commission Alerts, assistance with policy and procedure development, consultation on MRI safety, and consultation on CT patient dose reduction.

Corwin Health Physics is approved by the ASRT to offer CT and MRI training, and we offer many other types of training tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Recently, we even produced a video to meet the requirements of the new 2019 Joint Commission standards, which requires annual training for all personnel who operate fluoroscopy systems. Please feel free to utilize this training video for your staff.