Radiation Shielding - Corwin Health Physics

Corwin Health Physics Inc. provides shielding designs for nearly any use of radiation or radiation-producing systems, including chiropractic, medical x‐ray, dental x-ray, CT, nuclear medicine, and PET/CT installations. We are qualified to provide shielding designs for over 35 states, including Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and California. Please contact us for rates on the above services.

The Washington State Department of Health requires that the shielding design and a registration form be submitted for review prior to installing the x‐ray system. We will provide the necessary paperwork needed for submission. For a list of the policies and frequently asked questions regarding shielding designs in Washington State, please see “X‐Ray Shielding Review Policy – Information for Registrants

The information required for Corwin Health Physics Inc. to complete a shielding design is specific for each x‐ray room, please contact us to get started. Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days, and we also offer an expedited option for completion in as little as two days.

Questions about radiation shielding designs?